I am going through a process of rebuilding all my old Lego sets that I have collected over the years and to check that they are complete and take pictures of them.  This is all in preparation for selling them in the near future.  Going through the process, it seemed a shame not to document it somewhere.

The sets are all Space and Castle themed sets.  Some of the old Classic Space sets I owned and played with when I was young and others I bought later one once I got a job and earned money and decided to collect them.  These “collected” sets fall into two categories: The first is Classic Space sets that I did not own as a child but remembered from catalogues and bought out of nostalgia.  The second is the sets that I bought new in the 1990s which are still almost new and have boxes, instructions, etc, in very good condition.  By this time, there were a number of sub-themes: Blacktron, Space Police, Ice Planet 2002, Spyrius, Exploriens and UFOs.

The Castle sets that I have all fall into the “collected” rather than “played with” category in that I bought them new in the 1990s and they are in very good condition with boxes, instructions, etc.  Again, these were split into a number of sub-themes: Royal Knights, Dragon Knights, Wolfpack, Dark Forest and Fright Knights.

Initially I have created a store on Bricklink to sell them.  If they don’t sell on there after a while then I will put them on eBay.