The Exploriens explore the universe looking for alien artifacts.  They have a lot of equipment (mostly constructed from red and blue transparent plastic) to analyse these artifacts.  Most of their vehicles and bases have some of this equipment attached or stored somewhere on them.  Their colour scheme is a very wholesome blue and white and everyone is very clean-cut with no stubble or eye patches or other indicators of potential dodginess.

There are normal Explorien astronauts, Explorien Chiefs and Explorien Droids.


The Droid Scout is small with just enough space for the little droid and some space to wave a weapon around, i.e. the Exploriens’ version of the typical small space ship that every Space theme has.  For some reason, this droid needs a helmet whereas the others do not.  Maybe he explores hostile places that the others do not?


The Hovertron is a slightly (but not much) larger space ship that looks rather like a space jet ski.  It has no analysis equipment, so clearly it is for the chief to fly around on to supervise everyone else while they are analysing alient artifacts.


This does look rather like a scorpion and of course it detects alien artifacts.  No surprise that it is called the Scorpion Detector!  Note the large radar type thing on the back for detecting and the red and blue disks for analysing.


The Alien Fossiliser is a smaller vehicle that appears to fulfil much the same purpose.  On a smaller scale.


This strange vehicle is the Planetary Decoder.  It comes with all the usual refinements, i.e. devices for detecting and analysing alien artifacts.


The Nebula Outpost is a smallish base (or “outpost”…) for analysing artifacts.  Note the alien artifact on the ground that is about to by analysed.  The top half of the base spins around.  Wheeeeee…


The Android Base is a larger base, accompanied by a buggy and a space ship.  The base opens and closes to allow the buggy to park inside, with the radar mounted on top sliding back and forth.  The droid in this base just has a yellow light on top of his head.


An enormous space ship is essential for any large-ish Space theme!  This one is the Explorien Starship and has not one, not two, but three cockpits: one for the driver in front and two on the sides.  Attached to the back is a detachable buggy for a droid to drive around looking for alien artifacts.  The wings can swivel down and roll back into place on take-off and can be locked flat.  The impressive radar / detector can raise and rotate or be closed into place.


The buggy detaches so that it can go and find some alien artifacts to bring back to the ship for analysis.


Almost all of the Explorien vehicles and astronauts together.  The Hovertron and Planetary Decoder were absent for the picture, which might mean that we need to take another one to get them all in…

Interesting things about the Exploriens are obviously their obsession with collecting and analysing alien artifacts.  The artifacts themselves can be picked up with magnets and then taken to the nearest piece of red or blue plastic for analysis.  Most of their vehicles are white, with blue glass and shiny yellow highlights.  They have a couple of different sloped computers and a small shiny round screen as well as a large rectangular shiny screen.  They love to plaster their blue and yellow logo on things too.

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