Blacktron & Space Police

This is a recreation of the space “cops and robbers” theme in the Lego universe.  The Blacktron are the bad guys, who the Space Police try to capture and prevent committing intergalactic sabotage!

sp_bt_minifigs_1_smallSome of the Blacktron are easily identifiable because they are all black… others are easily identifiable because they have a big B on them.  Either way, not very good subterfuge.

1875_set_smallThe Meteor Monitor is a small Blacktron ship, presumably small and very manoeverable so that it can slip undetected through meteor fields.


This is the Rebel Hunter, a really sleek-looking Space Police ship with a jail cell incorporated into it.  The Space Policeman has a loudhailer for shouting at the bad guys.  The computer piece has a screen on it with a (presumably Blacktron) space ship in its sights.

6897_set_2_smallThe jail cell can be detached to pick up or drop off prisoners.

6887_set_1_smallThe Blacktron ship the Allied Avenger has a great design, with its cockpit allowing a panoramic view to detect any Space Police trailing them.

6887_set_4_smallThe cockpit can detach as a separate, small ship for sneaky missions.

I do seem to have lost some Space Police and Blacktron sets… I have some instructions for sets that I can’t find 🙁

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