The Dragon Knights, Dark Forest people and Wolfpack appear to the bad guys of the 1990s Lego Castle universe, so I have grouped them together here.

The great thing about the Dragon Knights is… dragons!  They love dragons and they also love banners, flags and shields with dragons on them.  In yellow, blue, red and green.  Dragons dragons dragons.  Also they have wizards.

The denizens of the Dark Forest appear to live a secretive sort of Robin Hood existence, with their hidden fortresses and lairs built from the trees themselves.  The Wolfpack appear to be similiar in some ways, and have one of the best-named sets.


Of course the Dragon Knights need a crossbow cart, so here it is.  Complete with a dragon shield!


And a wizard with a cart.  No crossbows here, but he does have a wand and a familiar, so that is okay.


This interesting-looking catapult is the Dragon Defender, which is appropriately named because it looks like a dragon.6048-Dragon-Knights-Majistos-Magical-Workshop-small

Every wizard needs a workshop, so here we have… the Wizard’s Workshop.  There is also a guard with a dragon shield and a fancy dragon helmet, to keep the riffraff away while the wizard is busy doing wizardly studies.


And then… not just any fortress, but the Fire-breathing Fortress!  With a big fire-breathing dragon’s head in addition to being festooned with all manner of dragon-related pariphernalia, this is certainly the fortress of choice for any self-respecting Dragon Knights and their dragons.6082-Dragon-Knights-Fire-Breathing-Fortress-4-smallHere we see the residents of the Fire-breathing Fortress.  Draco the Dragon, Wiz the Wizard, Nick the Knight, Archie the Archer, er… Chris the Crossbow guy and Gary the Guard with the Sword Instead of a  Bow.  And Wilfred the Wolfpack guy… history does not record whether he is collaborating with the Dragon Knights or trying to break into their fortress in order to liberate some dragon-related objects d’art.

6024-Dark-Forest-Dark-Forest-Ambush-smallThis is the Dark Forest Ambush, hidden amongst the trees and ready to catapult dastardly grey plastic bits at any unlucky passers-by.  Presumably they then rob them and either give the money to the poor or just keep it for themselves in the hidden chest.


6038-Wolfpack-Wolfpack-Renegades-smallThe Wolfpack Renegades.  Best set name ever.  They store all sorts of (presumably stolen) jewels and coins in their chest and barrel on their cart, which also has a secret compartment for yet more jewels and coins.

dragons-and-darkforest-and-wolfpack-2-smallAt the back here is the Dark Forest Fortress, which comes with the dragon knight cart in the front.  to the left is the Dragon Defender and to the right are the Wolfpack Renegades.


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