The Spyrius are spies.  Space spies.  The hint is in the name and also in the fact that some of the little men have stubble, so they must be up to no good.  For some reason these space spies are obsessed with flying saucers and robots.  And red and black, like some strange take on an old fashioned chess set.  Let’s meet these strange little space spies.


Yes they do have some blue on their uniforms, but that is as far as it goes.  There are normal Spyrius, Spyrius chiefs (who have stubble and fancy helmets) and little red and black droids.  Let’s have a look at their vehicles:


The little Surveillance Scooter is a typical small space craft from the Lego universe.  A couple of wings, an engine and just enough space for a minifig to sit while waving around some form of space weaponry.


The Saucer Scout is the smaller of the two Spyrius saucer-shaped craft.  It is a single person craft without much space for the pilot – when the cockpit is closed he must recline rather like an Earth-based Formula 1 driver.


If you were a spy who was going to do some recon, you might need a robot to help you.  Hence the Recon Robot, which is a lot larger than a little Spyrius man but is presumably is not too large to do “recon”.  A robot that can be controlled by a man sitting on a platform behind it.  It has claws to pick up anything that might be useful to space spies, and a little locker in which to store such things.


The Saucer Centurion is a battle saucer, with a detachable buggy.  It comes with a driver and a droid too.  Cleverly put together so that the two halves of the saucer clip apart to allow the droid to drop out in the little buggy to perform some ground-based spying activities before being picked back up and attached back into the saucer.


Yes there had to be a giant robot!  This is called the Robo-Guardian.  It does not transform into anything, but its “head” is detachable so that it can be flown around separately and it has space in the back for both a little space ship to park and also for a droid.


And of course if you are a group of space spies then you need a secret hideaway from which to launch rockets.  Hence the Lunar Launch Site.  As these rockets are no doubt for carrying out some sort of spying activity, it makes sense for them to be able to hide them away inside a little mountain to avoid detection.  The base has lots of sliding sections to close and open the hidden rocket launcher.  Comes with three crew, a little buggy and of course a mini flying saucer!


Complete Spyrius team photo!  Soon to go forth and spy in new locations.

Things which set the Spyrius apart from other Space sets are obviously their black and red colour scheme and their love of robots and flying saucers.  Their droids have transparent helmets, which must be for armour or contain communication devices, since droids would not require oxygen.  They do not have an actual badge as such on any of their vehicles, but there is an oft-repeated robotic motif.  They have two different types of sloped computers and one flat one.